What others have to say about Love Cares

From group leaders
“Members are aware that they must provide feedback. I feel this gets people motivated and a good time to go into Praise and Worship.”

“I feel that the Love Cares definitely has a positive impact as people will share about something we did 3 weeks ago so it kind of stays in the mind.”

“I think what is quite important to emphasise  is that the Love Cares needs to not only to be shared between cell members but also the community outside of the cell. I picked this up in a conversation the other night and it might be because the ideas at the end of the Love Care notes specifically mention cell members.  It was a case of "we've always cared for each other in the cell so it's not new". I agree with this but it is up to the cell leaders to then also use the work situation, sport situation, school situation as well. If we don't do this we will all be turning our home cells into exclusive little "bible clubs" where only we in the cell are important to each other.”

“I personally feel that I have been blessed with the sharing of the Love Care Notes.”

“We introduced “Love Cares” in our Cell and so far everybody receptive to the concept. We discuss the notes instead of the Ice Breaker. It is still early days but I’m positive “Love Care” notes will help to strengthen relationships.”

“This (taking responsibility) is a tough one and that is why we must always have people around us that we can learn from and we must be very careful to also walk the walk of faith. Our assistant cell leader is doing the love notes every week and everybody in our cell is very positive about this.”

“Our cell members love the “love notes” and some of them even share it with their friends. Everybody is working very hard applying zero tolerance on their old nature and one mentioned that he shelved his aggressive driving behaviour. Maybe at some time you can consider doing a one page summary of all the notes which one can then refer to on a daily basis.”

From group members
“I was ready to fire my garden service as they had been messing me around for quite some time. When they eventually did come the lawn mower wasn't working and I had to help the labourer fix it as he had no tools. Where normally I would have flipped and probably fired them on the spot I felt that the employer wasn't even there so I showed them grace.”

“We were broken into on Tuesday for the first time ever. Even though nothing was taken there is the damage that has to be repaired, the invasion of privacy feeling and the, almost, fear of “will they come back” was unpleasant.  We got to bed quite late and when I eventually did fall asleep I kept having nightmares and waking up even though I had prayed for God to capture my thoughts and thanked Him that He had protected us. After the 3rd nightmare I prayed again and I released them and blessed them in Jesus name and I slept like a baby and experienced the peace of God.”

“I was on leave and when I went back to work there was gross misuse of authority. I reported it to the Director and a huge meeting was called. I had to present my case to a large group and the director advised me that the other senior managers of the district would have to vote. My small group all prayed for me and I can't believe how well I spoke and instead of being harsh to them about corruption etc. the love of God just poured out my mouth but with authority. Out of 23 that were required to vote only one voted against me.”

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