Do you have God's heart for people?

Love Cares will show you how to care for others. Designed to be used over 40 weeks it has simple tasks set for each week that will guide you into a caring lifestyle. Followed faithfully it will help you to become a person who cares by habit – where caring becomes the “natural” you. At that point you are well on your way to having a heart after God.

God's heart is one of grace and compassion, kindness and caring. The author, Andrew Fraser and his wife Jenny, have been leading and guiding people in the pursuit of God's heart for the last 25 years. Much of this book is a result of their experiences.

Most people are exactly the opposite of God – unforgiving, self centred and uncaring. Generally attitudes are driven by what one can get out of a relationship and this determines the level of “giving” (or perhaps taking) within that relationship!

The great news is that you can have a heart like God's! With God's help and some effort from you, you can change who you are. You can have relationships that go beyond the superficial. You can be a genuinely caring person. All it takes is a desire to change, some prayer and some training.

The desire to change is up to you! The prayer brings God into the equation! And the training is aided by this book.

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