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Andrew FraserAndrew was born and raised in a Presbyterian home but was truly born again at Pentecost in 1986. He says that when the altar call came it was as if God lifted him up off the pew he was sitting on and dragged him by the collar to the front of the church. After half an hour of uncontrollable weeping, his life was changed forever.

He became an elder in that same church and threw himself into lay preaching, leading bible studies and ministering to the people in that congregation at every available opportunity.

Searching for a deeper and more meaningful relationship with God he and his family moved to a more charismatic church in 1994. He and Jenny, his wife, joined a small group on their arrival at Maranatha Community Church and were made small group leaders shortly after that. Since then they have been actively involved in all aspects of small group ministry.

Andrew is a Chartered Accountant by profession and works for a software distributor in Africa. His passion for growing people is only surpassed by his love for Christ and for Jenny. Any spare time he has is invested in reading Christian books and he has spent many hours devouring God’s word. His view on life is that anyone who has been born again is in full time ministry and he exercises that belief wherever he goes. He and Jenny are currently shepherds at Maranatha Community Church with a particular focus on growing and developing new Christians and small group leaders.

Andrew and Jenny have been blessed with 3 amazing children – Robin, Christopher and Dale. They have, in turn, introduced them to 3 more amazing children – Domenique, Sabine & Anthony. They all live out the Christian values that Andrew & Jenny spent so many hours teaching them. They are living testimony to the words of Solomon when he said “Train up a child in the way he must go and when he is old he will not depart from it”.

Living the Christian lifestyle is their means of evangelism and this is supported by their outspoken belief in Christ as the only way to get to God. They believe that there are two ways of doing things – God’s way and the wrong way and they try their utmost to do things God’s way. Being very human they don’t always succeed but sincere repentance and serious motivation to keep on doing it better helps to cover their imperfections.

Andrew’s ministry is very much a teaching ministry and his overriding goal is to take the scriptures and turn them into simple, easy to understand concepts that people can live out on a daily basis. Jenny’s ministry, on the other hand, is seriously pastoral and her love and care for people of all ages has helped Andrew understand what the term “Love Cares” really means.

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