About the Love Cares guides

Love Cares is available in two guides. A guide for the leaders of a cell group or other community group Love Cares - Small Group Leaders' Guide. And a guide for the members of a cell group or other community group Love Cares - Small Group Members' Guide.

To gain full advantage of working through these guides, it is recommended that you download and print the various documents below.

About the Downloads

The One Page Summary
A reminder sheet that you can carry around with you.

Worksheets for is the Bible 100% True?
These worksheets can be used if you wish to have an interactive bible study on this topic. The blocks below each sub title indicate where the prophecy will be found and where it was fulfilled and then there is space to write the relevant scripture onto the worksheet.

Accountability Partners Confidentiality Agreement
This is a short agreement that just makes sure you can be safe sharing very personal and private information with your Accountability Partner.

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Andrew Fraser
Email: andrew@lovecares.co.za Jenny Fraser
Email: jenny@lovecares.co.za

Tel: 011 976 4360
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